Saturday, 17 March 2012

Picky Eater

So I did my bit for the greater good this evening. On my walk home from a rather late night learning to make cocktails and having a lovely overpriced fussy meal paid for by my law firm, I passed a homeless man who was digging through garbage and picking out bits of food which he was smelling, inspecting, tasting and then putting back into the garbage bins. I figured the food was rancid and it broke my heart to see him scavenging around in the trash for food especially when I had not even finished my overly extravagant meal. So I ran into the only place that was open - McDonald's - and got him a McTasty, fries, a chicken salad and a water. Some protein, veg and hydration... plus some yummy McD's fries... who could ask for more?

I very proudly marched outside with my choices and handed him the bag and said "I saw you looking for food, so I got this for you" he took the bag without a word, opened it, smelled it, recoiled at the scent, closed it and handed it back to me and said "umm... I'm a vegetarian." So I did the only thing I could - I got him a veggie burger. Without cheese... I wasn't taking any chances on lactose intolerance.

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